Malitiaville: Incitement

It has come to our attention that the spirit of Malixius Constantine–the registered tenant of 1011 Pandora Lane–is no longer detectable, indicating he has perished.

Malitiaville I: Silence

Evelyn watched the moonlight struggle to enter her bedroom. Too weak to penetrate the palpable darkness saturating the space, the moonbeams bounced off the blackness and scattered back into the night.

AI Took Mah Jerb

Whelp, it finally happened. I’ve been replaced by a plagiarism machine. After 9 years, the marketing company I freelanced for decided to move their content production inhouse to an AI Powered team.

Manga Review: Daycare Pickup

Daycare Pickup is a spin off story from Haiji Kurusu’s other work Dirty Daddy Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing. In Daycare Pickup, Yura is nursing a broken heart stemming from an unrequited love he has for Tatsumi.